Diaper Cake


20150701-131605.jpg I began with these simple diaper cakes a few years ago. When I made one as a gift for a friend, normally I just do baby shower and birthday decor. Slowly they began to request the diaper cakes as gifts. People loved them because it wasn’t the simple diaper cake. They were loaded with soaps, powder, lotion, rattles, pacifiers, and so much more.



So then I was asked if I can do different things….
Of course I can!
So I worked on a castle themed diaper cake which came out amazing.
I also topped it of with this the baby’s name hand painted and decorated.



I also did a teddy bear on a tricycle.
It came out so cool.




Blessed Beauty



I have found a fascination with the camera. I mean I always loved it but never took it so serious. Those who know me, know I have a ton of pictures and that the cameras are always rolling. The gift came natural. Recently I’ve thought of some coooool projects and ideas. Also I’ve had the honor to do some photo shoots for a few satisfied people…… ” OH HOW THEY LOVED THE RESULTS”

At last I finally got to a photo shoot that I was eagerly waiting to do. This shoot was with my gorgeous daughter Jolie. She had so much fun.


She is a natural in front of the camera and she came out amazing.


I love, love, love anything that looks antique or vintage. So I saw this adorable and so cute romper in a small store call ” GUMDROP SWAP KIDS & MATERNITY BOUTIQUE “- http://www.gumdropswap.com in downtown Bridgeport and had to have it.


Jolie- ” mom I had fun, I want to do this again”
Me- ” sugar pie we will positively do this again “. We definitely had so much fun.



I had no idea, the positive feedback that resulted from this.




So keep up. There will be more photo shoot projects in progress…..and if the need to contact me just email me at: jeninangelo@gmail.com ( subject photo shoot ) in Connecticut / New York…
Till next time from Jolie and Jeniffer



Sparkle’s The Clown


Welcoming a very fun unique and interesting individual

Me as
“Sparkles The Clown”

I am full of fun, joy and happiness.

I enjoy putting smiles on your face’s.

Dancing and playing games. Such as Limbo, Hot potato, Musical chairs, and much more.

My most favorite thing is sparkles, shimmer and glitter.

I love the color yellow, it’s my most favorite!

I have a blast when I start a contest,

All because I love to see how the parents, friends, and other family members cheer the kids on.

Sparkles adores her tutu made by the one and only

Minxy-   http://minxinx.me/2012/07/18/minxykattitude-tutu-clown/

For anyone who is interested I have booked shows for $90/ Hr.

I normally play games with the children.

At times I may even try to do a parent and child activity.

My Email is Jeninangelo@Gmail.com

Getting pampered by Jolie & Penelope



Ana & I got pampered by Jolie & Penelope. This was such a priceless moment for us. It began with us bored and haven’t a thing to do. My pretty daughter Jolie asked titi Ana if she can do some make-up on her and Ana as amaizing as she is, agreed. Jolie said that titi Ana was going to be a zombie princess….


Then cute little Penelope asked me is it was OK if she did my make-up. Of course me being the fun titi that I am, I agreed. Penelope decided I should be a princess….


Then they thought they would make us look extra beautiful. And do our hair.
Ohhh… The fun we had with these girls. They brighten my day.

I told you so…


Today is my first blog and I start this blog with the great “I told you so” quote .

I’m not much of a writer, or one of those to put my whole life out there.

But for the most part I have some cool, amazing friends and an awesome family.

I’ve been with my fiance for 10 super fantastic years,

 and we have two gorgeous kids together our son Justen and our daughter Jolie.

 We had some amazing times. Those special moments are the one’s I like to share with friends and family.

Those are the moments which make a spot in my mental scrapbook, and those are the ones I will never forget.

These amazing people are the ones who tell me every single day, how many awesome skills I got

and how I should put my talent to good use.

I am super crafty and I make some awesome scrapbook’s,

I have a fascination for cooking & I get a joy when people tell how great it is

(coquito, pasteles, some banging pulpo salad, that’s octopus salad to those who don’t know what pulpo is mmm!).

I’ve decorated for partie’s, and I’ve done some baby shower stuff as well

(Favors, umbrellas, capias, holiday reefs, and more).

I even dress up like a clown, Oh the joy of seeing a kid smile.

There are, oh so many people who tell  me to use my skills,

and so that’s where the “I told you so” comes in.

Through the years I’ve gotten more talented.

So I have decided I should try it.

I am whiling to try out a few thing and see how it work and how far I can go.

So for those who said “I told you so…”, HERE WE GO!!!